Once long ago I was writing a Thursday Thoughts newsy letter at least once a week.  Then it became a blog situation.  All the same to you receivers, yet I tripped on the idea of a blog.  You receivers—who are you?  Members and friends of Glade basically.  The list is at around 80 people.  So not all members of Glade, for sure.  Some of you were members of Glade once upon a time.  Some have never attended at all but are people who signed up from interest in our open and affirming stance or our progressive theology or they were people we met around town who signed up at our suggestion. 

All this to say, I got caught up in “Who am I talking to?”   Possibly from my bridge generation viewpoint, that was important—to know who I am talking to.  But possibly it is just a personal roadblock and I never really admitted that before.  So perhaps this is the break through. 

This Sunday is the last Sunday of the Christian year C.  It is Reign of Christ Sunday.  I am studying Christ as king—the “representative” of the Holy God and God’s reign.  I am aswirl (new word) with thoughts as I always am at this point in the week—a Thursday by the way.  I concern myself with how I believe the scripture I have chosen and I concern myself with how the congregation believes it. And then there are visitors whom I don’t want to scare away with some off-putting comment.  We are all wounded by some parts of the scriptures.  It is impossible to know what everyone believes. And preparation is watching for signs of what makes sense in the moment.

Preparation is an interesting process since if the folks present  are anything like me their faith is constantly reinterpreted and given new language, which I call translating the word.  It is the living word after all and God is Still Speaking.  How we believe and act changes and grows.  Yet it grows out of a core of heart-felt experience fed by scripture or fed by our lives as seen through gospel values.  I often say that as we lean toward God, God leans toward us.

This next week also brings Thanksgiving.  I sometimes think it is the very best holiday. It has hardly been tainted, if you don’t count the treatment of turkeys. Or the myth that every family is happy.  Families gather as they can and they have a better chance of speaking thanks than on most other days.  So I’ll see you Sunday, I hope, and if not have a heart-full day of thanks.

Blessings, Catherine

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