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Local artists Donald and Joanna Sunshine’s art is featured at the Glade Gallery in Blacksburg between July 24 and mid-September. There is a reception for the artists on Sunday, July 24 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. at Glade Church, located at 1600 Glade Road in Blacksburg.

Donald is a Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Virginia Tech. His art has been included in exhibits at Chicago’s Art Institute and Museum of Science and Industry, as well as exhibits in Florida, Hawaii, and Virginia.When asked “. . . how long have you been painting?” Donald answers “About a thousand years.” Then when asked “How long did this painting take you to do?” He replied, “A lifetime.”   “And is this a hobby or a job?” “It’s a way of life.”

Asked about her art, Joanna said, ”More than 50 years ago I acquired my first loom, or rather pieces of a loom discovered in a junk yard. Since then there have been floor looms, table looms, back strap looms, inkle looms, barn looms, tapestry looms, and even a 2-story tall frame loom.”

Joanna said, “Bypassing the craft of traditional weaving, I am passionate about experimentation and discovery. I not only use fiber in my art, but also use handmade papers, objects from nature, and found objects. I seek to transform unlikely materials into art.”

Joanna’s work has been selected for many juried exhibits including The Virginia Museum of Fine Art, The Chrysler Museum, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Illinois, and the Art Galleries of Virginia Tech.

When asked why she creates her art, Joanna answered: “For me the satisfaction of the work results from the doing . . . the interest is in the search and experimentation of technique, media, and spatial elements, spontaneity, investigation, intuition,   surprise, and doing . . . always doing.”

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