Art and creativity in all its forms have been important in the life of Glade Church for many years. At Glade, we believe that spirituality is accessed, experienced, and expressed in many different ways, sometimes especially so through art. The sanctuary at Glade Church has served as an art gallery where local artists have displayed their original work. In 2017, the church recommitted to making the arts a vibrant part of Glade Church. Partnering with the Blacksburg Regional Art Association (BRAA), the gallery will be dedicated to featuring new artists to BRAA, and the art and featured artists will rotate throughout the year. The Gallery at Glade will be open from 6-8 in connection with Downtown Blacksburg’s First Friday’s Art Walks beginning in February 2018. Receptions will include refreshments, live music and an opportunity to meet the artist(s).

Glade Church has also dedicated itself to giving back to the community and believe that service is another integral component of spirituality. During the year, art workshops are offered with the proceeds going to support service projects such as Laundry Love. In addition, art, music or storytelling is, at times, incorporated into Sunday worship.

You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to be part of the arts at Glade. Come to the gallery on a Friday night or join us for worship on a Sunday morning and see how being in the presence of creative expression can be transformational in your life.