Fine Arts Gallery

Glade Church is committed to engaging all of the senses in worship.

Because we believe that art offers the worshiper a means to creatively explore an encounter with the Holy, our sanctuary houses one of the area’s premier fine arts galleries.

Local artists contribute their original art — from sculpture to paintings, weaving to photography — to interpret a variety of gallery themes throughout the church year.

Our gallery is open during all worship services and upon request.

To inquire about exhibiting your work or to join our mailing list of fine arts events, call the church office at 540-552-3394. All sales of art are between the buyer and the artist.

Delights of My Heart

November 18, 2014 to January 13, 2015

Gallery Reception:
November 30, 2014
2:30 – 4:00pm

Upcoming Gallery Themes

Passages of Time (01/13/2015-TBD)

Past Galleries


  • My Inner Child
  • Bold & Beautiful
  • Autumn Fantasy


  • All Things Heavenly
  • Images of Light
  • Gallery of Hope
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
  • And It Was Good
  • God Is Still Speaking
  • Old Time Country


  • Deep Mid Winter
  • Spring Time
  • Summer Heat
  • Autumn


  • North Wind
  • Eastern Sunrise
  • Southern Hospitality
  • Go West Young Person


  • Coming Together!
  • North, East, South & West
  • \”Color My World!\”
  • \”Go Fly A Kite!\”
  • \”Portals, Passages, and Panes\”


  • \”Go Green: Reuse, Recycle, Renew\”
  • \”Are We There Yet?\”
  • \”Patterns of Migration\”
  • \”Faith in the Round: Circles, Spirals, Mandalas, and Cycles\”


  • \”Contain This! Vessels, Vases, and Verse\”
  • \”Release It! A Bursting Forth of Spring\”
  • \”Recreation and Re-creation\”
  • \”A Tribute to the Life and Art of David Wynne\”
         David W. Wynne (1927-2008)
         In Memoriam – more information
  • \”We Are Family!\”


  • \”Shadowlands: A Long Day\’s Journey into Light\”
  • \”Signs and Symbols of Peace and Justice\”
  • \”Art: A Pathway to Wholeness and Healing\”
  • \”[classified]: Untold Stories\”
  • \”A Tribute to the Life and Art of D. Alex Wind\”


  • \”A Three Dog Night . . . and other images of warmth\”
  • \”Through the Looking Glass\”
  • \”The Road Less Traveled: Imagining a World of \’What if . . . ?\’\”
  • \”Within Arms\’ Reach\”
  • \”Strong at the Broken Places\”


  • \”Monochromatic Harmony: The Diversity of One\”
  • \”Singing the Song of Life: A Journey of Light and Shadow\”
  • \”, : ? ! Commas, Colons, Questions, Exclanations , : ? !\”
  • \”Through the Eyes/I\’s of the World\”
  • \”Solace and Solstice: The Art of Silence and Celebration\”


  • \”Circles of Life: Embracing the Wisdom of Aging\”
  • \”Circles of Life: Adulthood As Revelation\”
  • \”Imagine\”